Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 7-2-24 — Dinar Recaps (2024)

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Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight. It is Tuesday, July 2nd Hope everybody had a wonderful start to the month of July. Think we're going to finish this month very well. And thank you for tuning in to the big call wherever you're located. Thank you for being part of the SAT team's coverage of the big call, and anybody else that's just happened to tune in.

We’ve got some things we want to share with you guys tonight that are very positive, and I'm looking for hearing also from Sue and also hearing from Bob. I'm looking forward to bringing you a segment about intel when it's my turn.

I want to say that July 4 is Thursday, the Fourth of July. Independence Day celebrated here in the United States. And as was the case last year, we did not have a call on the Fourth of July, and I do not expect to have a call Thursday. We will not have a call as it is right now. We will not have a call on Thursday. Just a heads up, okay, so anybody that's hearing us live or on the recording, just beware, Thursday the fourth is day to celebrate our freedom and hope for more and more freedoms to come.

I have a little bit of information about that to share with you guys too in the intel segment. So a lot of things are happening now behind the scenes, and even this week, we will not have a call on Thursday night so enjoy that time with your families, grilling out, enjoying fireworks displays but be very, very careful. If you're one of the self fireworks people, every year we hear about fireworks accidents that take off fingers or maybe poke an eye out or something.

We just don't want to hear any of that. Want you guys to be safe. Be safe, and if all you can do that's safe is use sparklers to keep it to sparklers, no shooting Roman candles at each other. I heard a news report yesterday about or that sounds it's very dangerous, but not a very smart thing to do.

So thank you, Bob. Appreciate that. That was really well done. Now let's turn to the intel – and see what it is we’ve learned so far -- Being Tuesday, we do get some information over the weekend. And we know, for example, that Iraq is supposed to put the physical, let's check that the budget in the physical version of the Gazette – Wednesday – tomorrow – We will see if that happens

The virtual Gazette - had the rate and the budget in it last Saturday. So virtually meaning online, anybody that was looking for that in the proper place would find it, but we're looking to get it in the physical version of it either tomorrow, or it may get moved. And I'm going to explain that in a second.

We have been told that we would receive this notification today, and would start exchanges tomorrow – without a doubt.

Well, I'd say there is some doubt, because we did not receive notifications today, and I don't know that we will receive tomorrow.

You see here’s the thing --- Anytime you got a holiday like Independence Day on the Fourth of July. You've got people that are thinking, Well, do we really want this to start before the Fourth of July? And the thought is, no, we don’t want it. This is what we're hearing from one of our redemption centers, and the person that puts out the information to every redemption Center East of the Mississippi, quite a few redemption centers.

The word is that we're going to get notified on Friday and set our appointments Friday for some time over the weekend, which would be theoretically, Saturday or Sunday – but I believe they are trying to go through the fourth without anything to disrupt the holiday. And I think that's why we're looking at the fifth for notifications. That's going to be Friday.

And then this is the latest that we got only hours ago. So I'm going to go with that coming from a leader at one of our redemption centers, just getting that information. I think we're really looking at getting started over this weekend, Friday, notifications, Saturday, Sunday exchanges, and maybe we will have exchanges on Sunday, maybe go Saturday and continue on through the rest of the week.

Now, as far as R and R is concerned, we should receive that in the month of July. And if you're a currency holder, you'll receive that at the time you exchange your currency and redeem your zim

One other thing about the Dinar contract rate. You know, we've heard that in our contract rate could be very high. It's still very high. It's taken a little bit of a dip, but it could very well go back up higher than it was, it will move around. It will go a little lower – it will go a little higher. It just all depends what it is when you get into the redemption center, they should offer that if you're an American citizen, they should offer you the contract rate on the dinar.

Now, what about political? you guys know, what a fiasco last Thursday, and just what a joke it was really - And the Democrats are back betting and trying to figure out what to do, but I'm hearing today that President Trump should be back as President - not only Commander in Chief – which he is now but as President sometime between the fourth and the 15th of July. We'll see if that holds up. We've had dates in the past come and go - We'll see if these hold up between the fourth and 15,

I personally think we will have NESARA somewhere in the vicinity of the eighth or ninth of July. That's what I've heard today.

Certainly the NESARA and GESARA on the eighth, would make sense from China’s point of view - that may be what it occurs. I don't think the RNR or anything else that's part of NESARA can occur without the RV and possibly without president Trump back. So we'll see how that goes. I've beentold both ways. Let’s see what happens .

I’m really looking forward to this going I'm looking forward to having a happy, healthy Fourth of July, and I'm looking forward to getting the notification 800 numbers by email, on the fifth, which is Friday

So the intel as it is - is good, like I said before, we just need for it to occur and not change, not Morph into something different . So let's pray this call out. First I want to thank everybody else - I want to thank Sue and Bob for 13 years, well, actually,

for 20 and a half years. And I'm looking for this coming. You guys are, so let's just believe for that. Let's look forward to that. Thank you big staff team for getting different countries and their languages. Thank you big call universe for listening 13 years. Everyone listening on a great July weekend, please keep it safe. We don't want to lose anybody who get any accidents deter you from getting your changes and redemptions in done. Okay, so let's all be safe out there kids to make sure they don't get into anything.

So let's pray the call out - Everybody have a great weekend – We won’t be having a call on the fourth so we'll talk to you, maybe by email next. We'll see what happens. Okay, All right, here we go.

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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 7-2-24  — Dinar   Recaps (2024)
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