Dead by Daylight Vecna 'The Lich' Killer Mori, Power, Perks Revealed (2024)

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Dungeons & Dragons' Vecna is the next new killer to join Dead by Daylight. Here's his power, perks, and Mori.

By Cole Podany |

First Published May 14, 2024, 18:13

Dead by Daylight Vecna 'The Lich' Killer Mori, Power, Perks Revealed (1)

Dungeons & Dragons' Vecna will join Dead by Daylight's Fog as The Lich in the next chapter, and is already live on the game's PTB. Here's everything you need to know about Vecna, AKA The Lich, in Dead by Daylight, including his power, perks, and Mori.

Vecna Killer Power

Vecna's killer power has many different parts, each of which comes together to create a power that allows him to take down survivors with magic. Here's Vecna's power:

Bound with the skin and flesh of men, the Book is packed with spells both forbidden and wicked. To select a Spell, hold the Ability Button to open the Spell selection. The Lich has access to 4 different Spells:


TreasureChestsfound around the map can contain Magic Items. EachSurvivorcan equip up to two Magic Items at once: one pair of Boots and one pair of Gauntlets. These Magic Items are each connected to a specific Spell, and activate when The Lich casts that spell.

  • Boots/Gauntlets of the Interloper: TheSurvivorsees theauraof pallets affected by Mage Hand and gainsHastefor 3 seconds.

  • Boots/Gauntlets of the Nightwatch: TheSurvivorcan see theaurasof the spectral entities conjured by Flight of the Damned.

  • Boots/Gauntlets of the Archivist: TheSurvivorcan see the Dispelling Sphere.

  • Boots/Gauntlets of the Skyguard: TheSurvivorcan see The Lich'sauraduring Fly and for a few seconds after.


Rarely,Survivorscan instead find the Hand or Eye of Vecna in a TreasureChest. When picked up and used,Survivorsgain a special ability while at full health. Using one of these special abilities costs theSurvivora health state and reveals their location withKiller Instinctfor 3 seconds.

Vecna Killer Perks

Vecna gets three new killer perks that perfectly align with his personality and unique type of terror. Here are all of Vecna's perks:

Weave Attunement

When any item becomes depleted for the first time each match, it is dropped. You see theaurasof dropped items. Survivorswithin8 metersof dropped items have theiraurasrevealed to you. When aSurvivorpicks up aSurvivoritem, they suffer theObliviousstatus effectfor20/25/30 seconds.ObliviouspreventsSurvivorsfrom hearing or being affected by theKiller'sTerror Radius.

Languid Touch

When aSurvivorwithin36 metersof youscares a crow, they gain theExhaustedstatus effectfor6/8/10 seconds. This perk has a20-secondcooldown. ExhaustedpreventsSurvivorsfrom activating exhausting perks.

Dark Arrogance

Increases the duration you are blinded and the duration of pallet stuns by25%. Increases regular vault speed by16/18/20%.

Vecna Mori

As with all new killers in Dead by Daylight, Vecna has his own Mori to use when he kills survivors by his own hand. You can check out The Lich's new Mori just below:

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Dead by Daylight Vecna 'The Lich' Killer Mori, Power, Perks Revealed (3)

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Dead by Daylight Vecna 'The Lich' Killer Mori, Power, Perks Revealed (4)Dead by Daylight Vecna 'The Lich' Killer Mori, Power, Perks Revealed (5)

Dead by Daylight Vecna 'The Lich' Killer Mori, Power, Perks Revealed (2024)
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