Glamping in Missouri: Tipi, Yurts and Luxury Tents (2024)

Camping is one sure way to immerse yourself in Missouri’s natural beauty. You can pitch a tent and enjoy the outdoors at thousands of campsites across the state. But if you’d prefer something a little less rustic, Missouri offers several “glamping” options.

Glamping – camping with a glamorous touch – lets you experience nature with many of the comforts of home. In some cases it’s better than home, with coffee and breakfast delivered to your door and an outdoor bathtub for soaking under the stars.

You’ll find a variety of glamping opportunities in the Show-Me State, from a tipi in the middle of a forest to a lakeside luxury tent.

Try one of these spots when you want to venture off – but not too far off – the beaten path:


The Magic Tipi Retreat

The Magic Tipi Retreat – located near Park Hills, just over an hour south of St. Louis – is nestled in the woods, yet only minutes from town. The tipi sits on a wooden deck complete with a picnic table, barbecue grill and fire pit. Inside, you’ll find a queen-size bed. A private bath house a short walk away offers hot showers. Candles, firewood and ingredients for s’mores are provided so campers can create an unforgettable experience.


Three Missouri state parks offer yurts – circular structures supported by a wooden frame and covered with fabric, making them strong and weather tight. The yurts have several large windows to enjoy the view, a dome skylight that can be opened for ventilation and locking doors.

Lake of the Ozarks State Park

At Lake of the Ozarks State Park, the yurts are equipped with a futon and futon bunkbed, a small refrigerator, microwave, air conditioning and heat. Guests must bring their own sleeping bags and linens, lanterns, cooking and eating utensils, and water containers. Outside, you’ll find a picnic table, a fire ring for campfires and a barbecue grill. A modern bathroom and shower house is within walking distance.

Table Rock State Park

Table Rock State Park offers a premium yurt with two bedrooms, a private bathroom, full kitchen, TV, heating and air conditioning. Linens are provided. The outdoor picnic table, barbecue grill, fire ring and lantern post will remind you that you are, in fact, camping.

Pomme de Terre State Park

Each yurt at Pomme de Terre State Park features a log futon, a log futon bunk bed, a dorm-size refrigerator, air conditioning and heat. You’ll need to bring some camping gear (lanterns, cooking and eating utensils, water containers, and sleeping bags) as well as your own linens. Two of the yurts are part of the Cabins for Canines Program, so up to two dogs can join you on your glamping adventure.

Luxury tents & more

Hawley Farm Glamping

Hawley Farm Glamping, in the heart of Missouri farm country, offers safari-style tents (and a yurt) near the town of Hamilton, located an hour northeast of Kansas City. The tents and yurt have a queen-size bed, portable air conditioner and cooler, and each campsite has a private solar shower. The hosts provide the makings for s’mores around your campfire and bring breakfast to your campsite each morning. The 210-acre farm has hiking trails and a pond for fishing and swimming. You can visit nearby Hamilton – known as the Quilt Capital of the World – to tour the Missouri Star Quilt Company shops as well as boutiques and restaurants.

Glamping St. Louis

Glamping St. Louis is located at the River Island Marina in St. Charles, just minutes from St. Louis area attractions. Safari-style “floating” tents sit on private docks on a channel leading to the Mississippi River. Each tent has a king-size bed, a sofa that converts to a full-size bed, heating and air conditioning, a mini refrigerator, coffee maker, a fire ring, and a deck. A private bathroom for each tent is located in the lodge nearby. Several cabins are also available.

Camp Long Creek

Camp Long Creek takes glamping to the next level with king-size canopy beds and chandeliers. The luxury tents, located on the shores of Table Rock Lake in southwest Missouri, are heated and air conditioned and include a table and chairs, small refrigerator, and private bathroom with a shower. Some of the tents have outdoor tubs surrounded by a privacy fence so you can soak in solitude. The camp, which also has “shepherds huts” and cottages, offers an outdoor pool, beach access, boat rentals, fishing and hiking.

Lost Hill Lake

If you’re looking for something a little unexpected,Lost Hill Lake in St. Clair might be the destination for you. Five renovated buses and campers outfitted with comfortable beds and spacious porches give guests a relaxed, retro experience. The spacious Blue Sky Bus can accommodate up to six people while the smaller VW bus and campers are the perfect option for couples or small families. An open-air shower house, dry barrel sauna and outdoor community kitchen are included in each stay. During your getaway, take advantage of private hiking trails and lake access to connect with nature.

Be sure to check each glamping location website for more details and to make reservations.

Glamping in Missouri: Tipi, Yurts and Luxury Tents (2024)
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