News, Rumors and Opinions Friday 7-5-2024 — Dinar Recaps (2024)

Note: All intel should be considered as "Rumors" until we receive official announcements ...and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Fri. 5 July 2024

Compiled Fri. 5 July 2024 12:01 am ESTby Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset: (Rumors/Opinions)

Thurs. 4 July 2024 Wolverine: “Since MarkZ let it out of the bag: Brazil starts payments on Friday 5 July 2024. Blessings. …There will be no announcement of the RV. The notifications for Tier4b to exchange will just come out without warning. Tier4b is defiantly going to exchange very soon. I received a call, but can’t say much because everything is confidential. Everyone is under NDAs. Private contractors are being paid. Bond Holders are starting. I’ve seen the signed contracts and certified documents for the reset. It’s defiantly happening.”

Thurs. 4 July 2024 Banker: No guarantees but the latest from the banker is the scuttlebutt from above him is certain bond groups will be notified over this weekend and should that occur the currency notices will go out next Tuesday or Wednesday 9, 10 July 2024, with appointment scheduling afterwards with exchanging beginning the week of the 15th of July.

Tues. 2 July 2024 Bruce: The word from a Redemption Center Head was that Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) were going to get notified on Fri. 5 July and receive appointments over the weekend. NESARA should be announced the 8th or the 9th.


Sun. 30 June 2024 Breakfast with Tiffany: USD funds for Trigger Files have been released and will be ready for disbursem*nt next Mon. 8 July and prerequisites for launching USN Bills now being finalized and scheduled for disbursem*nt on that July 8th.

GESARA is supposed to be announced July 8th as well, been further advised Trigger Bond payment Monday 1st and bond redemption paymentsThursday 4th, public release of USN Bills and Currency Revaluation starting the 8th.

The Global Currency Reset release of funds across the World has been given, with funds coming directly from the US Treasury Department of Defense Operations.

The launch of the RV was slowed down due to many Hacker and Cyber Attacks.

There will be an Internet Blackout

The White Hat Military are in control of the redemption process.

Wells Fargo and HSBC are leading these operations across the Globe.

There are local institutions in countries around the World that are connected and ready for Global notifications with access to Treasury Departments in the different countries.

All banks have signed confidentiality agreements (NDA) so it is normal for everything to be silent.

Notifications have gone out to Tier 4a, a small group of Tier4b and some Bond Holders.

The RV is being negotiated on the Forex.


Sun. 30 June 2024 Mike Bara: The “Bond Holder” has been told he will be paid this week. I was told what day, but cannot share it. MarkZ reported that an announcement about lower denominations has been made in Iraq.

Sun. 30 June 2024: Look for something to happen around Mon. 8 July in regards to the NESARA announcement that will tie in with November 5th, allowing for the 120 days.

Wed. 3 July 2024: Golden Redemption: The Birth of USN US Note Backed by QFS Gold-Backed Digital Currency – American Media Group (

Thurs. 5 July 2024: Breaking!!! Do Not Confuse the Two Ways Exchanges and Redemptions Get Processed | Understanding the Critical Distinction in Exchange and Redemption Processing | NESARA GESARA Redemption Centers – Dave XRP Lion – American Media Group (


Global Financial Crisis:

Thurs. 4 July 2024 The Financial Tsunami is HERE: Crypto Predictions, Next Black Swan, XRP, QFS, GCR, US Treasury Note and Crypto Currency Regulations.

Wed. 3 July 2024: Viral Video: Nationwide Bank in UK REFUSING Withdrawals by Depositors! A Wake-Up Call for the UK! – American Media Group (

Wed. 3 July 2024: BQQQM!!!! New QFS NESARA/GESARA Election Voting System Redesigned for All – Dave XRP Lion – American Media Group (

Thurs. 4 July 2024 Canada: A recent measure dictates that individuals who gain capital taxes exceeding C$250,000 ($180,804) will face a tax rate of 66.7%, a notable increase from the current 50%. Moreover, companies and trusts will also see their capital gains taxed at the same elevated rate of 66.7%. This adjustment aims to ensure a fairer distribution of tax burdens and aligns with efforts to address income inequality and bolster public revenues.

Thurs. 4 July 2024 Zimbabwe introduces plan to jail individuals caught using the US Dollar and other foreign currency for up to 10 years.

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Militia Man The Oil and Gas [Law] and the presidency of the House of Representatives, I think those are going to be coming, tie to tie, hand in hand because...if they need to value...assets, they're going to need a real effective exchange rate...

Frank26 Question "Does the budget have to be in The Gazette before we see a change in the rate?" No. They can make the change and then it can pop up in the Gazette. The Gazette is not something that is a mandatory in order for it to be revealed. The budget is a mandatory in order for it to be revealed.


US Economy on the verge of Collapse: Japan Final Nail in the Coffin of US Dollar

Fastepo: 7-5-2024

Japan has been significantly cutting back on its U.S. Treasury holdings, marking a notable change in its investment approach. By May 2024, Japan's holdings had fallen to $1.212 trillion, the lowest level since January 2020, representing an 18.5% year-over-year decline.

Several factors contribute to this reduction. First, the increasing yields on Japanese government bonds have made domestic investments more appealing to Japanese investors.

Additionally, the Federal Reserve's recent rate hikes have raised hedging costs for foreign investors, thereby diminishing the attractiveness of U.S. Treasuries.

This strategic shift underscores Japan's evolving focus on more favorable investment opportunities within its own market.

News, Rumors and Opinions Friday 7-5-2024 — Dinar   Recaps (2024)
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