Us Tarp Installation Instructions (2024)

1. Instruction Manuals - US Tarp

  • Instruction Manuals Agriculture & Specialty Agricultural Side Roll Tarping ... BRIC Commander Installation Manual · BRIC Commander User Guide · Powered Arm ...

  • Instruction Manuals Agriculture & Specialty Agricultural Side Roll Tarping SystemAnti-Lift KitElectric Cable System with Gear ReductionElectric Cable System with Gear Reduction and KBarElectric Dual Shaft Cable SystemElectric Dual Shaft Cable System with KBarManual Crank Cable SystemManual Crank Cable System with KbarPremium Belt & Ratchet Tarping SystemSide Dump InstallationEnd CapsAluminum Ag End CapFabric Ag End CapFabric

Instruction Manuals - US Tarp


  • Install metal tarp guides (4) onto each end of plastic pull bar handles using supplied hardware (5). Feed the rope through the #4 grommet in the center section ...

3. [PDF] Installation Guide - Super Truck Parts

4. [PDF] Manual Crank with KBar - Cable Tarp System

  • The k-bar system should come fully assembled including all necessary pulleys axles and bearings. On the front of the trailer, mark a horizontal.

5. [PDF] EZ-Switch-Wiring-Diagram.pdf -

  • Sep 21, 2020 · Wiring Directions. M1 Motor. M3 Motor. T2 Battery Ground. T4 Middle Terminal Rocker. 50 Amp Breaker to Positive Battery.


7. [PDF] Installation Instructions - Carolina Tarps

  • This is the installation manual for our popular Aluminum Electric Dump Truck Tarp System. All of our items are designed with your needs in mind and we stand ...

8. Landscape Systems - US Tarp

  • Comes assembled, tarp mounted, and spring pre-loaded to save hours in installation. ... Instruction Manuals · Order Forms · Catalogs · FAQs · About Us · Mission & ...

  • Landscape Systems Our Genuine US Tarp Landscape Tarping Systems are convenient and dependable applications for everyday light-duty hauling. Options include Manual Crank systems or Semi-Automatic Pull Spring that are simple to install and easy to operate. Previous Next Cab Level Wind Up Tarping System Features Fits all dump trailer and truck manufacturersSpring loaded break away

Landscape Systems - US Tarp

9. Manual Cab Level Crank Tarp System with Pull Bar (US Tarp 13484)

  • Standard crank pushes in to lock. Locking ratchet upgrade available here. Tarp not included. Installing Pull Rope. Attach the free end of the Pull Rope to ...

  • Can be used with tarps up to 40' long. Spring loaded break away crank handle. 1-1/2" diameter Aluminum extruded tarp axle. Steel powder coated mo...

Manual Cab Level Crank Tarp System with Pull Bar (US Tarp 13484)

10. Pulltarps FAQs | Dump Truck Tarp Installation & Replacement

  • The tarp can then slide out of the groove in the roller tube, pull bar or pullrod. A new tarp is installed in the reverse steps. Tarps for cable bow systems can ...

  • Contact Pulltarps for any truck and trailer tarping systems questions. You can also visit our FAQs page for replacement or installation inquiries.

Pulltarps FAQs | Dump Truck Tarp Installation & Replacement
Us Tarp Installation Instructions (2024)


How to attach a tarp to a frame? ›

Eye Lag Screws. One of the simplest ways to keep a tarp in place. The eye lag screw screws into your structure through the grommet and then you put a small piece of material through the opening of the lag screw so the tarp can blow off.

How to attach a tarp to wood? ›

Using screws and (if necessary) washers is obviously a simple and inexpensive solution if you don't plan on taking your tarp down very often. If the tarp is being hung vertically, you can generally use hooks to support the top of the tarp and the tarp can easily be latched onto the hooks without much effort.

How to secure a tarp? ›

Tarps can be secured in several ways – with Ropes, Pegs, Bolts, Weights or having the Heavy-Duty Tarp (stockpile Cover) dug into the ground and backfilled. By ensuring that the Tarp is secured this will ensure that the contents under the tarp is protected, it also ensures that the Tarp itself does not get damaged.

What is the warranty on US tarps? ›

SYSTEMS, COMPONENTS, AND PARTS are covered for a period of 90 days against defects in material and operation, and for a period of one year against defects in workmanship. TARPS are covered for a period of 30 days against defects in material and operation and defects in workmanship.

What is the best way to install a tarp? ›

The easiest way to secure a tarp is to use sand bags to weight it down and keep it from blowing away. This is best used as a temporary measure. For a more secure and longer-lasting fix, create an anchor board by rolling a 2 x 4-inch board into the tarp's peak end. Nail the tarp to the board.

How to secure a tarp over a wood pile? ›

Keep a tarp securely fastened to your woodpile by using a screw gun, screws, and pieces of vinyl siding. I cut and split firewood each fall and set it outside to dry until the following fall, at which point I store it in the cellar for that heating season.

How do you install an outdoor tarp? ›

Installation is a simple matter of placing a tent pole at each of the four corners, attaching a rope to each pole, then pulling the ropes till they are taut and staking them down. For extra structural integrity, you can add more poles around the perimeter or just stake the tarp directly to the ground with a rope.

Should a tarp be tight or loose? ›

Everyday Maintenance Tips for Tarp Structures

The cover should be snug, but not too tight. If you notice any sagging, the cover is too loose.

How do I keep my tarp from blowing away? ›

Use additional bungee straps at key points to secure the tarp to either your trailer or the load itself. Another ratchet strap across the middle of the tarp will keep that section flat. Finally, wrap the entire perimeter of the load using bungee rope from corner to corner.

Why was tarp a failure? ›

The program failed in its attempt to make successful purchases and modify mortgages to prevent foreclosure for homeowners. The problem was with the banks. The TARP program gave banks enough lending power, but the banks didn't increase lending as expected.

Why are so many tarps blue? ›

In fact, tarps are color-coded according to best use. Blue and brown tarps are for basic everyday use from covering up firewood to placing under a camping tent as a ground cloth. Brighter yellow, orange or red tarps are used to add visibility to an area.

How do you attach a dust cover to a frame? ›

Apply tape on the entirety of all four sides of the back of the frame. Place your cut piece of dust cover paper on a flat surface. Place your frame face up on the piece of dust cover paper and press it firmly in place, making sure the paper adheres to the adhesive tape. Turn the frame over on the flat surface.

How to attach tarp to metal building? ›

Hose clamps can also be used to attach tarps to metal pipes rods or beams of all kinds. Useful in securing tarps over boats to the gunnels or railings or building scaffolding. Join tarps to aluminum or steel poles, rods or beams with pop rivets.

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